Quantum Loophole Commercial

Quantum Loophole offers an environmentally sound approach that reduces the overall carbon footprint while fully enabling powered land with the highest level of connectivity, reliability, and security.

Global Peering Forum

Quantum Loophole is pleased to be the social sponsor for the 2022 Global Peering Forum. GPF 2022May 10 – 13, 2022National Harbor, MD & Virtual https://www.globalpeeringforum.org/ Learn about the Quantum Frederick data center infrastructure development with this brief video. Request a meeting – https://quantumloophole.com/ql-meet-me/

NANOG 84 – Austin, TX

Feb 14, 2022 – Feb 16, 2022 Hosted by Quantum Loophole at the Austin Marriott Downtown NANOG 84 Keynote How Bad Industry Decisions Led to Good Technology Development Radia Perlman Quantum Loophole is proud to be the host sponsor for NANOG 84 in Austin, Texas NANOG Social Event Join Quantum Loophole for the NANOG Monday night social! Expect good times and live music at the famous Stubb’s BBQ!

Speaking of Quantum:

“scientists attempting to prove Einstein’s theory of quantum entanglement conducted tests known as the Bell test but discovered a loophole that created variables to their test results, no matter how many times the test was run. In 2019 the Quantum Loophole was closed and quantum entanglement was proven. So that is, in essence, what we are. People have been addressing data center needs in certain ways, and we are providing a closure to the endless loophole cycle that we think …

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Quantum Loophole

Quantum Loophole’s master planned data center cities accelerate time to market while offering the most scalable space, power and connectivity solutions on the market today. Designed with sound sustainability and ecologically friendly approaches, Quantum Loophole is coming to market with the highest value data center development solution today.


Ron da Silva

Ron da Silva leads Operations for Quantum Loophole. He is an executive leader, international board member and Internet technology expert. He brings extensive experience leading network architecture & engineering; building Internet backbones, broadband networks and cloud infrastructure; and leading corporate and Internet governance. Over twenty (25+) years of proven business experience, culminating in senior executive leadership. NACD certified Board Governance Fellow. He also serves on the Board of the Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); and, is a …

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