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Quantum Loophole is seeking a beekeeper for partnership on our Quantum Frederick property in Adamstown, MD. The site is currently in development with hundreds of acres planned for open space and forest conservation. We believe this Bees & Trees initiative is mutually beneficial to Quantum Frederick, our beekeeper partner, the pollinator ecosystem, and our agricultural neighbors.

Please submit an introductory letter of interest for consideration.

Interested parties should have experience with:

  • Installation, management and harvesting of bee hives
  • Procurement of all necessary hives, bees, and equipment
  • Maintenance so the hives remain healthy and active throughout the year 

Letters of interest should include:

  • Experience with beekeeping 
  • Scope and scale of proposed apiary
  • Infrastructure requirements for successful operations
  • A timeline of when activities could begin

The successful partner will demonstrate:

  • Thorough understanding of apiary management
  • Appreciation for biodiversity and ecological health

Submission information:

  • Submit below or email your letter of interest to

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