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Our Vision

EcoScale: Building Tomorrow Responsibly Today

Applied Futurism

“Quantum Loophole was founded because the future of the Internet endangered the future of the planet. We’re creating a new reality for them both by selecting data center sites where we can become stewards to land and natural resources, maximizing environmental benefits for communities, workers, and nature. Rather than piecemeal deployment that creates sprawl and risk, we master plan our data center communities with a vision for decades of sustainable development. Our Ecoscale platform focuses on the four elements we serve to the Data Center industry: land, energy, fiber, and water. By safeguarding these four essential elements, we plan to protect the future of connectivity and our collective progress for generations to come.”

-Josh Snowhorn, CEO

Master Planning


Thousands of acres give our customers plenty of room expand as their demand grows. In the process, we’re rejuvenating ecosystems to benefit local communities and upholding our obligations to the planet.


We repurpose existing transmission lines and build up new infrastructure to ensure megawatt power is always available for our clients’ projects and our neighboring communities.


We weave hundreds of thousands of fiber optic strands into new internet architecture. We’re providing customers with higher speeds and greater throughput, and preparing our neighbors for the future by connecting them to the global internet.


Our data center communities are cooled by recycled waste water, limiting strain on natural resources and guaranteeing reliability without disrupting local ways of life.

“Technology is meant to disrupt industries, not quality of life.”


Our vision goes beyond improving data centers. Quantum Frederick is the first location where we’re integrating green practices that meet our customers’ needs and enhance local ways of life.


We’re not just cleaning up our own industry. We’re restoring brown land leftover from Alcoa Eastalco Works by improving soil and planting local flora for ecological restoration.

Cooling Water

Instead of drawing on local water resources to cool our facilities for reliable uptime, we’re using recycled grey water to mitigate local impact and protect Frederick’s creeks and streams.

Low Profile
Site Design

From boring under the Potomac to connect to the heart of the global internet, to low-rise data centers, we’re building conscientiously to protect our neighbors’ views and natural resources.

Nature Reserve

600 Acres of our 2,100+ Acre site will become a dedicated Nature  Reserve that captures carbon onsite, provides a wildlife corridor, and uses trees and berms to act as a buffer between humanity and industry.

Community Commitment

From transparently communicating the progress of our development and creating new scholarships, to growing the local economy and contributing tax revenue for decades, we’re committed to becoming a proud member of the Frederick Community.