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The future of fiber

QLoop network is a massive 40± mile fiber ring connecting our 2,100+ acre Quantum Frederick data center community in Maryland to Northern Virginia’s internet hub. The network ring will allow carriers to place more than 235,000 strands of fiber, connecting to the Ashburn ecosystem in under one half millisecond round trip time (RTT), as well as 500 access points for ISPs.

“Each property will have direct access to conduits and thousands of strands of fiber in the QLoop system to enable seamless, private and secure connectivity for all of our campus-wide customers.

Josh Snowhorn, CEO


A significant leap in connectivity, this 40± mile fiber ring network connects the Quantum Frederick data center community in Maryland to Northern Virginia’s global internet hub via more than 235,000 strands of fiber, providing connectivity in under half a millisecond RTT.


Every property within the Quantum Loophole data center community will enjoy access to conduits and thousands of strands of fiber in the QLoop system. This setup is designed to enable seamless, private, and secure connectivity for all customers.


Continuing our commitment to harmonize technology and nature, QLoop is buried under the Potomac, enabling ISPs to invisibly deliver data to customers and the community.

Dig Once Approach

Our dig once strategy for QLoop ensures that all conduits are placed simultaneously. This approach not only protects the land along the route from repeated disturbances but also supports future campus expansions and accelerates the speed to market for customers.

Unseen Innovation

40 Miles of Invisible Fiber

To connect Quantum Frederick to the heart of the global internet, we undertook the massive project of boring under the Potomac and out of the state of Maryland to link up with Northern Virginia’s Internet Hub. This low profile design will provide the highest impact to our customers while respecting our communities’ way of life.


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Under the Potomac: Invisible technology

QLoop will contain over thirty, 2-inch HDPE conduits placed at a depth designed to exceed security standards. On the Quantum Frederick site, Quantum Loophole will be constructing a network of conduits to connect Quantum Frederick’s two planned network centers on its Maryland data center community to QLoop. These network centers will be designed to accommodate automatic, robotic cross connections powered by Telescent.

DIG once
EXPAND for decades

Quantum Loophole employs a dig-once approach. By placing the conduits all at once, QLoop will be able to support future campus expansions and increase speed to market for customers without disturbing the land along the route each time. We are reimagining the site selection process for data center developments. In Frederick County, Maryland this will provide the digital infrastructure industry a 10-year roadmap that includes land, power, water and connectivity.