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Founder & CEO

Josh Snowhorn

Josh values approachability, accessibility, collaboration, innovation and growth. These qualities guided Josh’s leadership in the interconnection industry over the last 20 years and building over $10B of value along the way. He has pretty much seen and done it all through key founding and executive positions at Terremark, Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Cincinnati Bell, and CyrusOne (Nasdaq: CONE). Josh founded the Global Peering Forum, the annual meeting for the Internet interconnection and peering community where he serves on the board of directors. Josh serves on the advisory board of Telescent, the finest automated interconnection machine on the planet. He is an avid speaker at conferences globally including networking, data centers, real estate, edge networking, and quantum computing. He has been a surfer for 39 years and a snowboarder for 25 years, traveling the globe in pursuit of experiences. Josh loves cars and racing. He founded TrackRats, LLC, the premier car club for track enthusiasts.

Scott Noteboom

Scott believes that the only place for a rebel is a revolution. At Quantum Loophole, Scott serves on the front lines of the Decarbonization Revolution. His mission is to help enable next-generation data centers that autonomously orchestrate supply and demand between clean energy and cloud computing resources. His intention: Better, faster, cleaner and cheaper– pick four. A former mercenary in the Cloud Revolution, Scott served as VP of Operations at Yahoo! and Head of Global Infrastructure at Apple. He led deployment and operation of two of the world’s largest clouds, driving innovation in the data center and distributed compute space. In backing the Clean Energy Revolution, data centers are breaking away from their dirty energy-hog past. Scott served as CEO and Founder of Litbit, and earlier grew a small underground bulletin board (bbs) into a sizable Internet Service Provider (ISP.) Scott likes to brag about creating one of the world’s first Voice over IP (VOIP) companies, learning that being first isn’t always worth bragging about. A wise person once said that “rebels die.” Scott’s been working to prove that wrong ever since.
Chief Real Estate Officer

Sylvia Kang

Sylvia Kang is the Chief Real Estate Officer at Quantum Loophole, where she has made significant strides in transforming data center development through innovative site selection, energy management, and capacity procurement strategies. Her leadership is crucial to the development of sustainable, gigawatt-scale, master-planned data center communities.

With a background that includes pivotal roles at Cyrus One, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, and consulting experience at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, Sylvia brings a wealth of expertise to her current position. Her approach combines deep analytical skills with a consultative style, enabling her to navigate complex decisions and foster strong relationships with clients and stakeholders.

At Quantum Loophole, Sylvia has driven significant cost savings in data center development and played a vital role in negotiating crucial data center service agreements and leases. Her efforts have also influenced legislative changes in Texas and Arizona, enhancing the operational landscape for data centers.

Sylvia is recognized in the industry for her ability to blend civil, utility, engineering, tax, finance, and legal requirements into her data center site selection processes, setting new standards in intelligent, value-driven data center design.

SVP Sales & Development

Rich Paul-Hus

Rich is Senior Vice President at Quantum Loophole covering sales, public relations and lobbying. Rich formerly served as the CEO of HUSdigital LLC where he is responsible for strategy, business development and growth initiatives. On a mission to build a business based on two key areas: building a corporate culture that aligned team-member, customer and corporate interests; and attracting world-class talent to democratize data in the digital ad space.

Prior to taking on his role at HUSdigital, Rich gained experience in Whoop Wireless and then Hypower, where he served as SVP Business Development, helping to take the company from startup to over $100 million in annual revenue. Rich has given his time to numerous charitable and political entities throughout his career. He is a graduate of Stetson University and is married with four children.

Business leader. Relationship builder. Alignment seeker. Talent developer. Connection maker and giver. SVP, Sales & Development at Quantum Loophole.


Rick Keiner

Rick’s career has been almost a perfect split. 10 years in accounting, then jumping to corporate finance for the back nine. He began his career and was “baptized by fire” in the public accounting world, at Deloitte. He later joined Cincinnati Bell, a regional telecom provider. He worked for 5 years in accounting, investor relations and SEC reporting groups. He then leapt over to the finance side of the house, assuming the Director of Finance role for the Cell Phone division, which at the time was bringing in $300M in annual revenues. After a few years Rick was selected for the team responsible for spinning off in an IPO, the Data Center business, CyrusOne (Nasdaq: CONE). He sat at the helm of the mighty Financial Planning and Analysis group for this $800M annual revenue Data Center REIT. Rick is a self-admitted golf addict, although his game likely won’t reflect this, should you join him at the links. He loves his biennial Canadian canoe fishing trips, an occasional skydive, and watching his fantasy football team struggle mightily. He loves spending time with his family and friends, whether in his hometown of Cincinnati or his new home in Jacksonville Florida.