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Host a Parlor Meeting or join us at Quantum Frederick for a Walk & Talk!

Parlor Meetings

These Parlor Meetings allow the Quantum Frederick Team to meet with members of the community in small gatherings, often within someone’s home (about 10 people). Quantum Frederick representatives will provide more insight into our project, answer questions, and gather support to increase awareness of the benefits of Quantum Frederick. In these meetings, community members get a chance to interact with representatives on a more personal level and get answers to their questions.

Walk and Talks

A Walk and Talk is a creative way to interface with constituents or strategic alliances to discuss project updates in intimate gatherings of individuals or groups. Quantum Loophole representatives will guide community members on a walk around the site while having casual discussions about the project. The purpose of the Walk and Talks is to provide a platform for company representatives to engage in direct conversations with locals, share information, listen to concerns, and answer questions purposefully.

Get Involved and Schedule a Parlor Meeting or Walk & Talk!