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From modernizing connectivity, to tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue, we designed Ecoscale to benefit our local communities. To provide a clear view of the opportunities ahead, we commissioned the Maryland Tech Council to conduct an independent study of our projected economic impact. Discover how we’re creating jobs, investing in local initiatives, and contributing to a thriving economy in Frederick for decades to come.

“The future of the internet doesn’t belong to creators alone – we’re doing everything we can to share its opportunities and leave Frederick better than we found it.”

Josh Snowhorn, CEO

Quality Jobs

From 2023 to 2037, the construction of Quantum Frederick is projected to create 48,000 direct and indirect jobs paying an average of $65,000 per year. Once the site becomes operational, we expect it to continue to support 6,300 new jobs in Frederick County annually.

$3.1 Billion in
Labor Income

Both the new jobs constructing Quantum Frederick and the additional activity generated by improved connectivity will add up to 3.1 billion dollars in revenue. This figure includes benefits and other compensation, eventually generating more than $10 billion in local economic activity.

$37.7 Million in
Property Taxes

Once operational, Quantum Frederick is expected to generate $37.7 million dollars annually in state property taxes and  25.8 million dollars in county property taxes.

$158 Million in
Sales Taxes

Building Quantum Frederick is projected to generate $158 Million in sales tax revenue over the duration of construction for the state of Maryland.

“This study demonstrates the broad benefits Quantum Frederick will bring to Frederick County, from thousands of high-paying jobs for county residents to significant tax revenues that help fund local schools and public safety”

 Kelly Schulz, Maryland Tech Council, CEO

Maryland Tech Council Released the Quantum Frederick Economic Impact Report conducted by Sage Policy Group to reveal the awesome economic potential of Ecoscale. The Report highlights the raw tax contributions and opportunities Quantum Frederick is creating for Frederick County and Maryland taxpayers. Read the summary here.


The Maryland Tech Council  (MTC) is a collaborative community that is actively engaged in building strong technology and life science industries. They are the largest technology and life sciences trade association in the state of Maryland who provide value by giving members a forum to learn, share, and connect. Quantum Frederick is working with MTC to create a flourishing tech industry that delivers value to constituents, businesses, and the environment.


A deep dive into the beneficial impact of Quantum Frederick.