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The evolution of data center communities

Better outcomes for you and the world

Speed & scale

Masterfully Planned. Sustainably Balanced. Scale Smarter. Deploy Faster.

Ecoscale is the antidote to unplanned growth, delivering more resources, more responsibly through careful, master planned campus design that provides all you need for success. We’re putting data centers in harmony with nature and community – in partnership with our customers and government – to create the foundations of a more sustainable Internet.


Bigger isn’t better unless it’s smarter. We use master planning to do both, delivering more land, more connectivity, and more cooling water more sustainably to set your team up for strategic success. At the same time, we’re restoring industrial land back to the environment and making positive a positive community impact with low-profile design.

Speed to market

We deliver speed to market for your data centers through ease of deployment, shaving years of effort off the planning process by managing entitlement and ensuring access to land, energy, cooling water, and connectivity.


Our longterm vision is that our data center communities will create a positive effect on their environments. From initial site selection and reutilization of existing infrastructure, to planting new nature reserves, our sites are planned to capture carbon.


The World’s Largest Fiber Pipe

QLoop is a robust 40± mile fiber ring that tunnels under the Potomac, connecting Quantum Loophole’s 2,100+ acre Quantum Frederick data center development in Maryland to the heart of the global internet in Northern Virginia. The network ring will allow carriers to place more than 235,000 strands of fiber, connecting to the Ashburn ecosystem in under one half millisecond Round Trip Time (RTT)



40± miles of conduit connected to the heart of the global internet to enable responsible data center growth.


Over 235,000 strands of conduit will make QLoop the largest medium-haul fiber route in the world.


One millisecond round trip time (RTT) between Quantum Frederick and the Ashburn internet ecosystem.



With over 2,100 acres of land under development and 600+ acres dedicated to a new Nature Reserve, we can accommodate our clients’ growing footprint and capture their carbon onsite.

2.4 GW

Quantum Frederick has access to over 2.4 gigawatts of scalable power from high transmission power lines which previously powered a large aluminum plant. The arrangement of the local grid reduces risk of outages.


More than 500 connection points across our 40± mile fiber ring, QLoop, provide secure, reliable access to the global internet with plenty of capacity to scale connectivity.

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