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At Quantum Loophole, we’re creating a greener future with a new approach we call Ecoscale. This innovative philosophy fosters a harmonious relationship between technological advancements and the natural world. Through our master-planned data center communities, we’re providing our customers a 10-year roadmap for future development that includes access to land, power, fiber and cooling water. Master planning also allows Quantum Loophole to dedicate land for a Nature Reserve, acting as a vital carbon sink and a buffer between humanity and industry. The Ecoscale approach meets the needs of today and transforms the future of our environment, our communities, and our customers.

“If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the world as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it.”

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Quantum Frederick is a 2,100+ acre data center community, allocating 600+ acres for a Nature Reserve, which will be a certified and registered carbon sink. The ecosystem is created by using 100% native species of trees and plants, implementing water and soil improvements, and enriching biodiversity. The Nature Reserve will include a wildlife corridor as a home and passageway for pollinators and animals. The Nature Reserve also acts as a buffer between human and industrial environments, protecting the health of our viewscape, soundscape, and human culture with berms, trees, and public trails.

We look forward to sharing more details about the nature reserve soon!

The nature reserve will offer:

  • Carbon reduction & removal
  • Water restoration
  • Soil microbiome
  • Biodiversity
  • Public trails
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Leveraging our proximity to the world’s largest Internet ecosystem, Frederick County, Maryland is an ideal location to deploy our first master-planned data center community and robust 40(+/-) mile fiber ring with 500 regional cross-connection points.

Key factors in our decision:

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Beyond environmental stewardship, Ecoscale also means being a good neighbor. From creating scholarship programs and job opportunities to volunteering and fundraising, we are already investing in Frederick County today. Over time, increased tax revenue from Quantum Frederick is also expected to contribute to local schools, infrastructure, and other local initiatives, ensuring a sustainable future.

Community involvement

  • Education & workforce development
  • Supporting local organizations and iniatives
  • Volunteer opportunities

Local economic impact

  • $25 million annually in taxes for Frederick County potentially scaling up to $41 million/year*
  • 48,000 jobs between 2023 and 2037 during construction with average salaries of $65,000*

*Maryland Tech Council Economic Study (2023)

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