Josh Snowhorn

Josh loves cars and racing. He founded TrackRats, LLC, the premier car club for track enthusiasts. He values approachability, accessibility, collaboration, innovation and growth. These qualities guided Josh’s leadership in the interconnection industry over the last 20 years and building over $10B of value along the way. He has pretty much seen and done it all through key founding and executive positions at Terremark, Verizon (NYSE: VZ), Cincinnati Bell, and CyrusOne (Nasdaq: CONE). Josh founded the Global Peering Forum, the …

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Scott Noteboom

Scott believes that the only place for a rebel is a revolution. At Quantum Loophole, Scott serves on the front lines of the Decarbonization Revolution. His mission is to help enable next-generation data centers that autonomously orchestrate supply and demand between clean energy and cloud computing resources. His intention: Better, faster, cleaner and cheaper– pick four. A former mercenary in the Cloud Revolution, Scott served as VP of Operations at Yahoo! and Head of Global Infrastructure at Apple. He led …

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Sylvia Kang

Sylvia Kang is Executive Vice President of Real Estate at Quantum Loophole. She brings more than 15 years of experience in site selection, energy and lease contract negotiations, financial analytical modeling and energy management to her current role. At Quantum Loophole, Sylvia leads international and domestic data center site selection, capacity procurement and energy management. Her strategic oversight is critical to driving Quantum Loophole’s disruptive, first-of-its-kind gigawatt-scale, master plan data center city development approach that leverages environmental sustainability at its …

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Ron da Silva

Ron da Silva leads Operations for Quantum Loophole. He is an executive leader, international board member and Internet technology expert. He brings extensive experience leading network architecture & engineering; building Internet backbones, broadband networks and cloud infrastructure; and leading corporate and Internet governance. Over twenty (25+) years of proven business experience, culminating in senior executive leadership. NACD certified Board Governance Fellow. He also serves on the Board of the Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); and, is a …

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Rich Paul-Hus

Rich is Vice President at Quantum Loophole covering sales, public relations and lobbying. Rich formerly served as the CEO of HUSdigital LLC where he is responsible for strategy, business development and growth initiatives. On a mission to build a business based on two key areas: building a corporate culture that aligned team-member, customer and corporate interests; and attracting world-class talent to democratize data in the digital ad space. Prior to taking on his role at HUSdigital, Rich gained experience in …

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Oren Wool

Oren is committed to driving data center decarbonization. He’s inspired by innovations that enable Quantum Loophole customers to meet their business goals while lowering their environmental impact. Oren is gratified working in the solutions economy, where the power of business is directed at addressing critical challenges like GHG mitigation, water scarcity, zero waste, and climate adaptation while building strong local economies. Oren is an integrator for One Planet Living, a sustainability framework that aims to make big issues approachable enough …

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Rick Keiner

Rick’s career has been almost a perfect split. 10 years in accounting, then jumping to corporate finance for the back nine. He began his career and was “baptized by fire” in the public accounting world, at Deloitte. He later joined Cincinnati Bell, a regional telecom provider. He worked for 5 years in accounting, investor relations and SEC reporting groups. He then leapt over to the finance side of the house, assuming the Director of Finance role for the Cell Phone …

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