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Heal the past, improve the future

How Ecoscale will Revitalize the Environment at Quantum Frederick

A New Chapter for Frederick

After World War II, industrialization made the US the wealthiest nation in the world—it also made the country one of the planet’s biggest polluters. Today, data centers have become a new source of carbon emissions. While our past was built on carbon, our future can’t be. Ecoscale is our effort to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable industry that redefines what’s possible. As we undertake this journey, we’re preserving the past through initiatives like ensuring that the historic Carrollton Manor House at Quantum Frederick, built in 1820, will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Annual New CO2 emissions

A Better Narrative for Clean Industry

Since the beginning, the story has been that human progress comes with environmental costs. Ecoscale aims to change that. But our new approach isn’t just a better narrative. We’re uniting technology with sustainability to inspire others to join our quest for transformation.

Restoring Nature with new forest

We’re making Ecoscale a reality with purposeful action that breathes new life into our local ecosystems on a path that brings one million new plants to our Nature Reserve:

Planting 300 acres of new forest
Revitalizing wetlands and meadows
Restoring 2 miles of streams

Quest for Environmental Enhancement

Proposed Nature Reserve
Proposed 3 mile Nature Trail
Connection Point to County Trail
Proposed Trail Start

Nature and Technology in Harmony

Ecoscale represents a pivotal shift in how we approach sustainability. By intertwining technological innovation with the well-being of our planet, we’re harnessing the power of nature as a technology to create a better future.

The Nature Reserve: A Buffer and a Beacon

Nestled within a former industrial brownfield, our Nature Reserve serves a dual purpose. It acts as a buffer, protecting the integrity of the surrounding community, while also standing as a beacon of environmental rejuvenation—a testament to the transformative power of stewardship.

Carbon Reduction and Removal

At Quantum Frederick, our first Ecoscale project, we’re putting sustainability into practice. Through strategic site selection, infrastructure reutilization, and exploration of cleaner fuels, we’re working to reduce emissions. And with our Nature Reserve acting as a carbon sink, we’re striving to achieve negative emissions, aligning ourselves with Maryland’s ambitious climate targets.

Sited on greater than 230kV transmission lines that have 3X less downtime, reducing generator run time.

Exploring the potential of HVO fuel may reduce emissions up to 95% compared to conventional diesel fuel.


Planting trees, improving water quality, and increasing overall biomass enables the capture of thousands of metric tons annually.


Working with Maryland agriculture to incentivize regenerative agriculture practices leads the state toward their overall net-zero targets.

Refreshed Water Quality

In addition to using recycled wastewater to cool our facilities, we’re revitalizing natural water systems, improving stormwater management, increasing flood storage capacity, and enhancing water filtration for communities and ecosystems. Two miles of streams will be restored in the Tuscarora Tributary, part of the Potomac and Monocacy River Basin in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

A Blooming MicroBiome

Modern farming techniques have leached chemicals into the ground and stripped away fertile topsoil—endangering the complex microbiome local plants depend on. The Nature Reserve will drive vital processes that restore it and sequester a huge amount of carbon in the process.

Preserving Biodiversity

Maryland is home to a diverse array of pollinators. From over 400 species of bees, to butterflies, ants, beetles, flies, moths, wasps, and hummingbirds, each maintains the delicate balance of our ecosystems. By planting native species and creating wildlife corridors, we're ensuring that these vital creatures have the habitat they need to thrive.

The Path Forward

When the Nature Reserve is completed, we’ll have restored over 600 acres of wild land. Carbon from the project will be sequestered on site, the local community will enjoy three miles of new trails to explore, and animals will traverse wildlife corridors in peace. Beyond these immediate benefits, we hope Ecoscale inspires positive change across our industry. By building a path for technology and nature, we can create a future where both coexist in harmony.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

– Robert Swan